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Capsula.Studio Taking Applications for Spring '17

With Summer '16 behind us we will start taking applications for Capsula.Studio Spring '17 tomorrow January 15 - from entrepreneurs worldwide. Part of the excitement in running Studio is the global mix of applicants and the ideas they want to bring to market - I can't wait to see what's coming!

If Summer '16 is any indication, Spring '17 will be a great cohort. It was great to have the studio bustling with five cool teams developing outstanding solutions for automotive cyber security, autonomous vehicle sensors, mobile merchandising, predictive mobility solution and trucking logistics. Having landed pilot projects with global leaders, they are now moving fast to raise A Round investments.

We are definitely in the right spot. Smart Mobility is fast emerging as one of the most exciting and disruptive movements, if we are to judge by last week's CES 2017 which featured 521 automotive exhibitors and 133 drone exhibitors! And, judging by the dizzying pace of Tel Aviv visits by many of these value network players, Israel is rapidly becoming a global hub for Smart Mobility and a huge opportunity for Capsula.

In 2017 we will double the number of residents in each Studio term to twenty; warmly welcome startups from abroad; move to a Spring & Fall schedule to effectively engage with customers worldwide; extend our range from land vehicles to land-based, airborne and marine mobility at the component, vehicle, service and city levels. In the coming months we will be announcing partnerships with global firms, as well as an industry-first initiative to connect researchers, entrepreneurs and value network players.

What are we looking for? Small cohesive teams with world changing ideas, persistence and flexibility. If you are a Smart Mobility entrepreneur, apply now. Otherwise, please spread the news.

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